Who is Reid Singer?

Singer. Songwriter. Skeptic. Seeker. Reid Singer is a multitalented artist and provocateur whose life and work can best be summed up in one word: The Truth.


Born January 30, 1985 (Aquarius…the Dreamer…of course!) in {{REDACTED}}, Florida, Reid exhibited an early interest in music and mysteries. Self-taught on both guitar and piano, Reid began writing his first songs while in his teens, heavily influenced by both true crime books and his burgeoning interest in unexplained phenomena. In high school, he met bassist Paul Watson and keyboardist/programmer Dave “DJ Danzka” Gilmore. Together, these three would form the nucleus of the band Bodywax.


Bodywax’s self-titled debut album quickly became one of the hottest albums of the 2000s, seamlessly blending influences to create a totally new sound: industrial power-pop punk. Songs like “Six Flags Under” and “Tilted World” catapulted the record to the top of the charts and Bodywax won a 2006 MTV™ Video Music Award for “Chronic Depression”. Their second album, Under the Broken Sky, was certified platinum in Canada and acclaimed as a significant evolution in the band’s style by critics coast to coast.


Following the release of their third album, Drunken Noah, and at the height of their fame, Reid stunned both fans and his bandmates by announcing an indefinite hiatus for Bodywax. Speculation ran wild as Reid went off-grid for over a year, unreachable by even his closest friends and family members. In late 2011, Reid re-emerged from the darkness, launching the website and podcast This Hollow Earth, returning to his other long-time love: researching the odd, the unusual and the unexplained. 


Inspired by an encounter (certain details of which must remain secret) with a fan who had inside knowledge of the hidden city below Central Park, Reid rededicated himself to bringing to light the worlds hidden just beneath our feet and beyond our grasp. By exposing the truth to a global audience, Reid hopes to spark a revolution even greater than he could through his music.


In Reid’s own words: “They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I agree. And that’s all I’m trying to give people: a little knowledge.”

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