Tribulation Cult Resurfaces in TX

Meteor. Seriously?? Come on, people!

The Black Knight Satellite: New Signals Detected

Are the Agarthans Becoming Active?

Shazam and the Mandela Effect

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June 15, 2017

Greetings Hollow Earthlings! I've got some breaking news that you'll be hearing a lot about in upcoming episodes of the podcast. It's been a while since I talked about Tribulation, the freaky cult that I experienced first hand a few years back. I'll admit that I was st...

June 1, 2017

We need to talk about yesterday's 'meteor" sighting. I've been flooded with emails and calls. I'm going to open the phone lines at 1:00 ET today. You all know how to reach me. Tell me what you know and let's get to the bottom of this. Military test gone awry? Alien air...

May 18, 2017

For those living under a rock: the Black Knight is an alien satellite that's been orbiting the Earth for centuries. It was first discovered by none other than Nicola Tesla in 1899 when he picked up its signals after building the first high powered radio receiver. It's...

May 4, 2017

What is up with the Agarthans?! Is it just me, or have there been a flurry of recent occurrences that can only point to increased activity by our elusive co-inhabitants of This Hollow Earth of ours? In this week's episode we talk with two regulars to the show known onl...

April 13, 2017

The mysteries are coming fast and furious, folks. This week I'm joined by a panel of experts to discuss alternate universe theories, the way the MSM has recently jumped all over them and naturally gotten them all WRONG! and whether the Mandela Effect is getting "worse"...

April 6, 2017

You remember Y2K, right? The predictions were dire: it was going to be global meltdown. And then... nothing happened. Or did it? In this week's podcast I talk to Dr. Ari Goravich from Tel Aviv University about the overwhelming evidence of a massive disturbance in the t...

March 23, 2017

There was another "city in the clouds" observed in China recently. This is the second one in recent years. There have been a variety of meteorological explanations but this week's guest easily debunks all of them as "hogwash" (technical term). Regina McWalters, physici...

March 9, 2017

This recently discovered, undated photograph reveals the original entrance to the massive bunker underneath Central Park. Join me as I tag along with urban explorer Frank "Walker" Evans as we travel through underground tunnels to find a way into the bunker. Originally...

February 23, 2017

THE STARGATE IS REAL! Sure, we've had a few episodes on the real reasons behind the Iraq War. But this week we've got an EXPLOSIVE interview with Commander Charlie Parker (obviously NOT his real name) from Task Force 20. You'll recall TF 20's mission in Iraq was the so...

February 9, 2017

This week I talk with architect and Freemason Daniel Weaver about the mysteries surrounding the Denver International Airport. Why was it built in the shape of a swastika? Why does it have fewer runways than the airport it replaced? Are there secret messages hidden with...

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